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What is a Wishing Tree and Should Your Wedding Have One?

Samantha and James got married at V. Sattui Winery in St. Helena, California. After the ceremony and cocktail hour, guests moved into the barrel room for dinner, toasts and dancing. The whole time, a small potted tree sat in the corner beside a wine barrel used as a table to present stationary and writing supplies. This was the couple’s wishing tree.

A wishing tree is a special tree or structure which your guests can adorn with notes or cards. This beautiful and unique addition to any wedding allows attendees the opportunity to craft hand-written words of wisdom and well wishes for you to read after the wedding day has concluded. This can be a great way to add a personal touch to the wedding and create a memorable experience for your guests.

A wishing tree can be set up at the wedding ceremony or in this case, the reception, and can be decorated with flowers, ribbons, or other beautiful items to match the theme of the wedding. Guests can be given cards or notes to write their wishes on and then hang them on the tree. Samantha and James’ stationary had prompts, which guided guests to write something lovely for the couple.

A wishing tree can also serve as a unique alternative to a traditional guest book. Wedding days go by quickly and oftentimes your guests will wish they had more time to connect with you. The wishing tree allows guests to express their thoughts in a personal and creative way. It also serves as a beautiful and decorative addition to the wedding, amplifying the intended atmosphere.

Using a physical tree that you can take home and care for after the wedding provides a sense of achievement as the tree grows and flourishes. A more permanent option for those of us without a green thumb might be a unique statue. Just like with the tree, the statue can be decorated with cards and well wishes that you can cherish and display for years to come.

As Samantha and James discovered, having a wishing tree can be a beautiful and unique way to add a personal touch to the celebration, create a memorable experience for friends and loved ones, while providing an alternative to the traditional guest book. It is a fun and interactive way to keep your guests included in the celebration and serves as a beautiful and decorative addition to the wedding. Be on the lookout at the 11:56 mark of Samantha and James’ wedding video to see how they set up their wishing tree.


Venue: V. Sattui

Coordinator: Darlene Forbes

Photography: Ken Viale

Videography: Wedlock Cinema

Caterer: Chef Stefano

Florist: Garaventa’s

Musicians: Wine Country Entertainment

DJ: Tony Sparks

Officiant: Jim Forbes

Cake or Desserts: Flour and Bloom

Photo Booth: Tony Sparks

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