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Sean and the team at Wedlock Cinema have been filming weddings in the Napa Valley and beyond for over 20 years. Sean is also an independent filmmaker, who has won awards at Oscar-qualifying film festivals throughout the world. This combined passion and experience yields consistent, high quality results that couples can depend on.

Sean celebrating his dog's second birthday at the beach

When he's not making wedding films or film-films, Sean's usually going on adventures with his wife and dog, or taking photos wherever the lighting is spectacular. Sean's love of nature and travel influences his work.

"The natural beauty of the world and the things in it are what keep us all going. Even when things are difficult, just knowing that the wonders of nature exist is often the only motivation we need. These wonders can be places, things or in the case of my work, people. When we love someone, knowing they exist makes the world worth living in. If I can capture that feeling between two people, I feel overjoyed." - Sean

Sean believes you should feel completely comfortable with your wedding videographer before sharing such an important and intimate day with them. To learn even more about Sean, check out this interview he did specifically for this purpose.

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