Timeless Wedding Cinematography


"Most importantly, your wedding film is for you."

If every romance is unique, why are so many wedding films the same? I do everything I can to craft each film to suit the couple's personality, breaking the tired traditions of unenthused wedding videographers along the way. For this reason, it's my personal preference to develop packages on a custom, case by case basis. Let's set up a call, meet for coffee or Skype to go over your day!

All wedding packages currently include FREE drone coverage and a FREE extended edit of the ceremony.

* Drones will only be utilized if all of the following conditions are met: The venue approves use of drones, FAA allows for drone use at this location, pilot deems weather conditions are safe for drones, no other hazards present themselves making conditions unfit for drone flight.

* Please be aware that quoted package prices are rough estimates and subject to change based on season, availability, travel distance, modifications, etc.




If you have a specific vision or are unsure where to begin, feel free to give me a call on my cell at 707-280-6056 - Sean

High-end cinema cameras, drones, customized vintage and modern cinema lenses, dollies, gimbals, jibs and sliders are all within our arsenal. Small ceremonies at quaint venues may require a single, stealthy shooter to capture candid moments on the sly, while a full production comprised of multiple cinematographers may be more appropriate for more massive wedding celebrations.

It may be important for you to have your wedding captured on real film stock or you may desire 4K raw DNG files for you to edit on your own. Our post-production house is at the ready to edit short and sweet highlight films or multi-hour, feature-length movies, depending on your very specific needs.

We specialize in crafting cinematic, art films for all couples eager to immortalize their indescribable, dreamlike love. Most importantly, your wedding film is for you.