life together is a
remarkable thing

Our consistent quality is achieved by hitting the following four marks.

I. Love

Above all, we strive to preserve love: the first time you see each other on your wedding day, the tears during a personal vow, the laughter over a memorable toast and so many more fleeting moments you wish could last forever.

II. Quality

We work tirelessly from our first shot to our last edit, to give you a cinematic, art film that rivals the quality of a large Hollywood production. We believe everyone deserves the very best on their wedding day.

III. creative

We are proud to create wedding films unlike any you've seen before. With years of experience, we've learned to alter and manipulate both camera and lens to emphasize that fuzzy, dream-like feeling you get when you think about the one you're going to marry.


If you have a specific vision for your dream wedding film, we will listen, we will take notes and we will do everything we can to give you exactly what you want. It's your wedding and your film should be equally yours.

Wedlock cinema

WEDLOCK | ˈwed-ˌläk: To be married

CINEMA | ˈsi-nə-mə: The art or technique of making motion pictures

  • Experience: 15 years, 500+ weddings
  • Reputation: Perfect review record

What You Get

“Sean is a camera wizard! He moves like a bobsled on a creek of hot butter! His attention to detail regarding every aspect of the day was constantly impressing us. He brought us out of our shells, made us smile and laugh and gave us a better wedding film then we ever could have hoped for.” – Kevin, Groom